AND How is it Revolutionizing MEDICAL SALES?

The top line sales success for companies selling medical devices, technologies and services in recent years has come at incredible expense. Medical companies have added sales staff, increased salaries and fattened commission plans that were already unparalleled by other industries.

Sales leaders, and their finance counterparts, are recognizing that these bloated cost structures are not sustainable – and they are now turning to artificial intelligence to reduce sales inefficiencies without throttling back on aggressive growth targets. They are finding that their own sales and marketing data holds the keys to predictably finding millions of dollars in new sales while at the same time increasing their margins.

However, the transformative potential of A.I. tools that ingest sales and marketing data is lost when business leaders and their teams perceive its output to be magical or mysterious; they discount the output and quickly revert to acting on their “gut feelings.”

A.I. is capable of empowering great success when sales teams understand the inputs and what they can do to influence outcomes. Explainable Artificial Intelligence – X.A.I. – eliminates the mystery and the “black box” magic associated with A.I. by providing transparency into the internal logic of the machinery. By ensuring that end users understand exactly how the output is generated, executive leadership can feel more confident in sales projections and understand what levers can be pulled to impact results.

piLYTIX customizes our X.A.I. tools for your sales data as it exists to provide your sales and marketing organization with deep, actionable insights at levels as granular as individual leads, opportunities and salespeople.